Finding your WHY.

Discovering your why.


Where do our minds wander when we are alone?

Alone, when we have no distractions from work, from relationships, from life. What thoughts flow through us and consume our minds? I talk a lot about having a growth mindset but in order to progress daily and move forward into our own destiny we need to address the underlining components that will ensure you get to where you want to be.

I believe that focus, hard work, ambition and a “never give up” attitude are all key components that successful people have burned into their cores but that is the obvious.. people don’t talk about what it is that is driving them to have that focus & that hard working ambitious attitude.

In my opinion, I believe the reason that successful people maintain the drive is because these people know their WHY. In other words, they know their purpose. This can be anything that is of great meaning to you. Your WHY could be for your family, it could be to prove those who ever doubted you wrong, it could be your childhood or where you came from. Once you discover that one thing, that WHY, you too will be on the path to success & greatness. Everyone has a different type of success, they have different aspirations in life & we all know deep down what we want for our futures it’s a matter of addressing the mindset and focusing on your WHY that will keep you moving forward each and every day.

Author: craneinspires

Hey Friends, I'm Cassie Crane. I have travelled the world doing the sport I love from a young age. From winning gold medals, to dancing and acting in film/Tv I am a motivated woman who wants to inspire others to chase their goals and dreams. I focus on positivity & health for the mind body & soul and I believe in nothing but love & kindness for all. #reachyourPOTENTIAL

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