& so it begins..

For those that do not know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Cassie Crane, I started this blog with a vision to movitate, inspire and encourage those who are not afraid to chase their dreams or create their best imaginable futures. Having gone through hardships and struggles in life that clouded my focus, I’m doing this today to remind not only myself but more importantly others to keep striving to achieve the things they want most because I am living proof that if you make a choice to go after what you desire you can have whatever it is that you want. I will be sharing my inner thoughts, what drive and motivates me on a daily basis and content that I believe will have an impact on my audience. You are welcomed warmly to follow my vision and I wish nothing but love and prosperity for each and everyone of you. 

Love always, Cassie Crane.


Author: craneinspires

Hey Friends, I'm Cassie Crane. I have travelled the world doing the sport I love from a young age. From winning gold medals, to dancing and acting in film/Tv I am a motivated woman who wants to inspire others to chase their goals and dreams. I focus on positivity & health for the mind body & soul and I believe in nothing but love & kindness for all. #reachyourPOTENTIAL https://www.instagram.com/ccranee/

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