Are We Making Time or Making Excuses?

Making Time or Making Excuses?



I think we have all been in a situation where we have made plans with a friend and last minute they cancel on us or are running late because “something came up” perhaps you make plans yourself to do something but change your mind because you’re too “tired”etc.  The more I think about this the deeper my conclusion becomes.  I think that if it is important to you, you will always follow through.

If someone wanted to speak to you they will speak to you, simple. It takes 2 seconds to read a text message and it doesn’t take much longer to reply. If you’ve made plans to go out with someone and they  continuously flake out, in my opinion, they just don’t see you as a priority. If someone is forever “busy” or “doesn’t have the time” that’s actually them telling you indirectly that your not important enough to share their time with you.

You may not realise you’re doing this but the next time you decide to make plans or arrange a phone call I think it’s important to remember this:

People make time for who and what is important to them. We show up for the people we care about. We remember to call someone if it is a priority & finally, We respect those who matter to us.

All of our time is valuable so make sure you Show Up, Call and have Respect.


Author: craneinspires

Hey Friends, I'm Cassie Crane. I have travelled the world doing the sport I love from a young age. From winning gold medals, to dancing and acting in film/Tv I am a motivated woman who wants to inspire others to chase their goals and dreams. I focus on positivity & health for the mind body & soul and I believe in nothing but love & kindness for all. #reachyourPOTENTIAL

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