Are We Making Time or Making Excuses?

Making Time or Making Excuses?



I think we have all been in a situation where we have made plans with a friend and last minute they cancel on us or are running late because “something came up” perhaps you make plans yourself to do something but change your mind because you’re too “tired”etc.  The more I think about this the deeper my conclusion becomes.  I think that if it is important to you, you will always follow through.

If someone wanted to speak to you they will speak to you, simple. It takes 2 seconds to read a text message and it doesn’t take much longer to reply. If you’ve made plans to go out with someone and they  continuously flake out, in my opinion, they just don’t see you as a priority. If someone is forever “busy” or “doesn’t have the time” that’s actually them telling you indirectly that your not important enough to share their time with you.

You may not realise you’re doing this but the next time you decide to make plans or arrange a phone call I think it’s important to remember this:

People make time for who and what is important to them. We show up for the people we care about. We remember to call someone if it is a priority & finally, We respect those who matter to us.

All of our time is valuable so make sure you Show Up, Call and have Respect.


What drives you?

IMG_0049When you wake up in the morning, what drives you? What inspires you? What is your purpose? Why do you want this?

If you want to live a life of success you must find your purpose. If you don’t know what it is that inspires and drives you then you have no motivation to improve your life. Ask yourself, why do you exist?

I believe that if you hold your purpose firmly in your mind daily it will push you to achieve anything you want in life. When life knocks you down your PURPOSE is the one thing that will keep you hungry.

Make the moves to be successful, let your drive push you forward and don’t look back. Remember where you came from but don’t look back.. you’re not going that way.

How To Overcome.

The struggle that lit my fire.

img_0055We all experience our own battles in life & endure pain and struggle. In this post I want to share with you how I overcame my biggest setback in hopes that anyone reading this who may have experienced something similar or any trauma can regain their life.

A few years ago I fell victim to “sexual assault” Now, “sexual assault” is a politically correct term for “rape” I won’t  go into the finer details of the actual incident with you however,  I want to share with you the effects it had and the way I overcame this tough time.

When you endure a traumatic experience it consumes your thoughts, it sometimes takes over your will to go on and a lot of the time you lose sight of reality, you lose sight of your inner voice. When I was assaulted it flipped my world upside down. I lost touch with my closest friends, I pushed away my family and lost sight of who I really was. This was not their fault, this was me being angry at life for dealing me such cards. Whatever trauma you’ve experienced, a lot of the time it will leave you with some form of post traumatic stress or side effect. Most doctors will recommend medication to numb the pain and hope that you’ll find your way through counselling.

For me, it wasn’t that simple.. you see I tried every avenue to get myself back but nothing healed the pain. When you experience something painful the hardest thing to do is get through it. A massive thing that you need to understand is in order to move forward you must learn ACCEPTANCE. This was the most challenging thing for my mind to grasp however, something clicked inside of me one day which finally let me begin to heal.

Acceptance – As difficult as it may seem, you must accept that what has happened has happened. It’s  easy to get angry with the world but you need to accept that you cannot change the past. You don’t have to agree with what happened to you but once you have found acceptance you can being the healing process.

Secondly, you must focus your energy into loving YOURSELF. Understand that whatever it was that happened was not your fault & it is okay to be upset as being upset is a part of the healing process. Let it out, whether you release it by screaming into a pillow or going to the gym, spend time on yourself. Do things that make you feel GOOD. Feel good endorphins will pick you back up when you are feeling low. These can be things such as spending time with loved ones, reading your favourite book or watching your favourite movie. Whatever it is, ensure it makes you feel good.

Finally, refocus on your future & set some GOALS. Nothing feels better than achieving something you’ve set your mind on. Use the struggle to inspire you to chase your dreams. Who says you can’t be the next Michael Jordan? Who says you can’t be the best version of yourself? If you remember to accept the past, and focus on creating a beautiful future I promise you that each day it will get better. Keep striving for greatness, we weren’t put on this planet just to simply “exist”.

& so it begins..

For those that do not know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Cassie Crane, I started this blog with a vision to movitate, inspire and encourage those who are not afraid to chase their dreams or create their best imaginable futures. Having gone through hardships and struggles in life that clouded my focus, I’m doing this today to remind not only myself but more importantly others to keep striving to achieve the things they want most because I am living proof that if you make a choice to go after what you desire you can have whatever it is that you want. I will be sharing my inner thoughts, what drive and motivates me on a daily basis and content that I believe will have an impact on my audience. You are welcomed warmly to follow my vision and I wish nothing but love and prosperity for each and everyone of you. 

Love always, Cassie Crane.

Finding your WHY.

Discovering your why.

Where do our minds wander when we are alone?

Alone, when we have no distractions from work, from relationships, from life. What thoughts flow through us and consume our minds? I talk a lot about having a growth mindset but in order to progress daily and move forward into our own destiny we need to address the underlining components that will ensure you get to where you want to be.

I believe that focus, hard work, ambition and a “never give up” attitude are all key components that successful people have burned into their cores but that is the obvious.. people don’t talk about what it is that is driving them to have that focus & that hard working ambitious attitude.

In my opinion, I believe the reason that successful people maintain the drive is because these people know their WHY. In other words, they know their purpose. This can be anything that is of great meaning to you. Your WHY could be for your family, it could be to prove those who ever doubted you wrong, it could be your childhood or where you came from. Once you discover that one thing, that WHY, you too will be on the path to success & greatness. Everyone has a different type of success, they have different aspirations in life & we all know deep down what we want for our futures it’s a matter of addressing the mindset and focusing on your WHY that will keep you moving forward each and every day.