Hard Work Pays Off


I Had a conversation with someone today in which we spoke about our goals and how to be successful..this person was adamant that hard work doesn’t ALWAYS  pay off in the end. They told me that some people work themselves to the bone for years and it just never seems to pay off..

Its simple you guys, I responded by telling them that the reason it didn’t pay off was because they had no purpose, they continued to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results & they never saw success because they were comfortable consistently being average.

There are people in this world that work for years within a company but they never progress and they stay at the same level.. I genuinely cannot comprehend why anyone would want to settle and accept average. It’s so important to continue to grow in whatever field that you’re in and be the best at what you do! I understand not everyone has the same mentality as I do but why go through the motions and be like everyone else in this world?

Know WHY you do what you do & exactly what you want to achieve.. Don’t get stuck in the same routine leading to no where.



What’s on your plate? 


IMG_5981 (2)

Lately I’ve been struggling when it comes to eating my carbs.  (Oh no!!) I was finding that each time Id have them I was left feeling nauseous, lethargic and extremely bloated..I’ve come to the realisation that certain ones just don’t sit well with my body.

I stopped eating anything processed  for the last week or so and I’ve felt so much better for doing so. I know the health benefits of carbs and how IMPORTANT they truly are not only for a balanced diet, but for your brain to function properly without you collapsing from exhaustion.. carbs are fuel & our bodies need them! I thought I’d share what is working for me 🙂

Slowly, I have been re introducing complex carbs into my diet again and I’ve found that what works for me is smaller portions and the right kind of carbs.

Some examples of healthy complex carbs that I try to stick by are things such as brown rice, quinoa, brown wraps, yams/sweet potatoes. I try to stay away from white bread or processed.

I’ve always ate healthy but since I’ve really buckled down and kept my diet plant based with good carbs the benefits have been fantastic. I’m focusing better mentally, my skin has cleared up nicely, I have more energy and I just over all FEEL better!

Hey I’m no doctor but If you’re finding that you can relate to any of the symptoms I was feeling.. maybe take a minute to look at the food that you’re putting into your body & focus on keeping your diet as clean as you can 🙂

Your mind & body & soul will thank you for it.